What is a pub crawl and how to do it right

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What is a Pub Crawl?

At its essence it's a bar hopping(or bar crawl) experience to visit several bars, pubs, and a club while getting at least one drink in each. You're part of a group usually composed by internationals but also locals looking to spend the evening dancing, drinking and partying until the morning.

Why should I try it?

Pub Crawl is something everyone should experience it in their lifetime. It's not only a great way to meet new people but, it will also help you save some money.

Being in a new city, unsurprisingly you wouldn't know what bars are worth it. Add to all of these that you have to pay entry fee to most of venues and you'll find yourself at a risk of having a drink and leave because nothing happens there.

With a pub crawl, you get free entries to all venues included. Also, you’ll also get free shots everywhere you go, and sometimes you might be offered a special menu with discounts on drinks.

Another bonus which most people would appreciate is that you don't need to stay in long queues as usually pub craw organizers have an arrangement that when the group arrives, it will be allowed to enter outside of the main queue if there is any. Dream...

Be prepared

A few things you should be aware when joining a pub crawl. Drinking, dress code, policies and more.

These things might not be clear to everyone and surprise some so lets though main points so you get the most of it.


It should not be a surprise that a Pub crawling involves moving in between bars on foot. On average, the best pub crawls include visiting 5 and more venues, including at least 1 nightclub, but these may not necessarily be in very close proximity to each other, so be prepared to walk a bit and make sure you're dressed accordingly. For example, in cities rich in cobblestone streets like Prague or Dublin - high-heels could sign you for early disappointments.


Mr obvious here but a Pub Crawl involves drinking.

It is not mandatory to get absolutely wasted but since at least one drink is included in each venue, as well as discounts on additional drinks, it is very easy to get really drunk, really fast!

Don’t try to compete with others to see who can last longer. Be careful, drink sensibly and responsibly, and know your limits. If you don’t know your limit yet, take things nice and slowly while you’re figuring it out :)

Don’t Get Lost

Make sure you know what the plan for the night is. Most importantly ask the pub crawl guide where the final club will be. If you know all these things you shouldn’t have a problem finding the group in case, you get lost.

Dress code

There isn’t really a pub crawl dress code, but since a pub crawl involves visiting multiple venues, those might have some kind of dress policy. Most likely, it’s nothing too fancy just dress casually and you should be fine. As a general advise avoid flip-flops and swimwear.


To join the Bar Crawl you need to be at least 18 years old(at least in most of countries). You might be checked not only by the Crawl stuff but also before entering the venues so don't forget your ID as proof of your age.

Venue policies

Being on a bar crawl does not give you supernatural privileges that exempt you from the policies of visited venues. If you’re completely shit-faced on arrival to a venue, there is a high chance that entry will be denied for you and the guide won't be able to help you. Respect the venues and people inside.



The most important thing while being on Pub Crawl is to have fun!

The guides will do their best to make sure you’re having fun and if you follow our advises, you're subscribing yourself to an evening full of adventures and memories.

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